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Hi all and a very happy new month to you all. Time as it’s ever flying has taken a month from the year and with that has taken a bit of cash value from your gadget or asset.

Like they say, “Time is money” and with that your precious gadget you have in your possession after running ahead of the queue to buy when it just came out is probably not so special anymore. For most people, they want to sell their items when it’s spoilt or damaged or when they suddenly need cash. Unfortunately, that’s the major error in that line of thinking. Most people won’t want to buy something that’s damaged or might not have money to buy the said item at the time when the seller needs it.

In a Nutshell here’s the timeline for selling your gadget.

  1. When the gadget becomes common.
  2. When you have more than one item of similar value or function.
  3. When you realise that you bought it on impulse or made a mistake buying it
  4. When Cashdown Nigeria is offering good money for it. When you do not have any foreseeable use for the item.



These above are the major reasons we advice you to sell any items of yours. For a more detailed explanation stay tuned for our next post in the our Sell’m series…

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