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What do you mean by most wanted?


Most wanted is a synonm for products that are in demand and are accepted for sale on cashdown.com.ng


I noticed that the products/ product categories are put up on some particular weeks and are taken down in some?


Market trends are dynamic and as such we only put up categories of products that are in demand, and we are willing to buy. An advantage for any user is to suscribe to our newsletters and alerts so as to be in the know.




What items then, doesn't cashdown buy at any time?

Products that are not up for purchase from cashdown include the following:

Home appliances,Furniture,clothing,Houseware
, Cars and Car accessories and so on.



Can i still offer a product that is not on the most wanted list?

Sure, everybody can. However, that does not guarantee you an offer within our time limit, However, we would still revert with a status on your offer.


Thanks for viewing these, You can contact us with further questions on our Facebook , Twitter  pages as well as via mail at support@cashdown.com.ng


What is CashDown Sell-Now?

It’s a platform whereby the people can offer their goods for sale and get an express offer within 48 hrs.


How does it work?

You simply send us the neccesary information for the product you wish to sell including pictures and other information. We estimate the instant value of the item with our experts and then we send you an offer.If you accept, you come in and we buy.Simple.

Are the prices offered negotiable?

Of course they are, however slightly.

How many items can i put up for sale?


No limits, as long as you have the right of ownership or right of sale, then we are ready to welcome you.


What about damaged goods or goods with faults?

Regarding damaged goods, we evaluate them and value them based on cost of repairs or salvage value i.e a phone with a broken screen and no battery.

For goods with faults, we evalute the cost of repairs and deduct it from the initial offer value.e.g a phone with a bad ear-piece jack or bad battery.


How long is the offer for my product valid?

Well, there’s not exact time limit for the offer but we give guarantees for only a week, after that the offer might be there or not.


Thanks for viewing these, You can contact us with further questions on our Facebook , Twitter  pages as well as via mail at support@cashdown.com.ng


What is Pawn?

A pawn is simply a guarantee against an amount i.e loan.
e.g you borrow N2,000 and put your phone as a pawn


What items can be Pawned

Well,items that can be pawned are items that can cover for the said borrowed amount. Example of items that can be pawned for loans are laptops, phones, antiques, gold, jewellery etc. as long as they are acceptable and with right legal ownerships.


How much can i borrow?

The amount that can be borrowed depends on the value of the pawned item up to 70% higher amounts would depend on your credit score.


What is the duration of a loan?

Loans can range between 7 to 30 days for repayment, if your credit score is premium, longer extensions can be applied?


What happens when / if i default the loan?



If you are late on your payment, we would issue you a notice and contact you regarding it. Then we would give you a grace period to repay after which if such prove futile, the item would be sold to recoup the loan.Such a default would have a major impact on yyour credit score.

What happens if i do not have the complete amount for the loan?

That’s not a problem. we can grant you an extension to your loan if you can pay the interest and the loan can be renewed.
e.g a loan of N1000 @ 10% would be N100. If the loan is about to expire, you pay the N100 interest and the loan can be renewed.


What's this credit score you have been talking so much about?


CashdDown Credit score (CCS) is basically a rating system which evaluates how credit worthy you are for a particular loan. It judges your loan repayment habits,your loan history as well as your defaults in any loan. Benefits of a good credit score would be lower interest rates, greater percentages on your item to be loaned as well as faster processing of loans.If you default on your loan or have a history of late repayments, your credit score would be greatly affected and when it’s below a certain threshold, you would be unable to get any more loans.


Thanks for viewing these, You can contact us with further questions on our Facebook , Twitter  pages as well as via mail at support@cashdown.com.ng

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