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What makes an Item easy to Pawn?

What makes an Item easy to Pawn?

For most ardent followers of this platform, you should be in tune with what pawning is by now. However from most of my interactions lately, i’ve seen the need to educate people on the best assets to keep in order to get quick and easy pawn offers for them.

The criteria for an item that can be pawned easily is pretty simple:

  1. Market Viability: For most people all their items are valuable and they are worth a million dollars. Unfortunately, in reality it’s not so. If you perhaps have a grand piano and bought it for so and so amount and wished to pawn it then you might just get set-up for a grand disappointment. The thing is, How many people have a grand piano? how many people want it? If you didn’t have it, would you buy such in a whim?
  2. Current Value: I once had a very awesome DVD player which my dad bought in thr early 2000’s for obviously a great amount. When i tried reselling in 2010 based on how i probably felt in 2005 and whoa! what a shocker! N1,500 i got as a bid. I felt like most would feel, Hurt. However i later took a stroll to one of those places where people offloaded stuff from containers and used stuff and saw close to my DVD player being sold for N1,000. Then it dawned on me the meaning of this common saying”i get am before no be my property”. Things had changed and values had dropped.
  3. Cost Value of an item: If you want to pawn a nokia 103 and the likes, the odds of you getting an offer within 30 secs is very high regardless of whether its suitable or not.However, when you bring platinum jewellery and are asking on what you can get for it at the spot then believe me the mind server would be loading for a while as such items are way too valuable and uncommon to give a random number for.Most times high valued items take about 2-3 times more to sell than lower ones and that affects the pawn offering process as it most likely would extend a bit. For the patient person, a day might do for some, other might not be so patient and as that increases the chances of getting a lower offer but at a quicker price.

All in all there are various needs and expectations of individuals regarding their items and we are very much available to help and make you understand the pawnshop idea as well as our operations.

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