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Cashdown Nigeria Terms and Conditions - Cashdown Nigeria
Cashdown Nigeria terms and conditions for sales, pawns and other form of money lending services.For more info kindly contact support@cashdown.com.ng
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Kindly note that these terms and conditions are initial terms legally binding on members of the site www.cashdown.com.ng and whosoever uses it’s instant sales platform “Cashdown Sell-Now”

Cashdown Nigeria terms and conditions




This is an agreement between any verified registered user of the website www.cashdown.com.ng “Cashdown Nigeria” and “Cashdown Nigeria”/ www.cashdown.com.ng.

  • The term “Pawn”,”Pawn Loan”,”Sell-Now” covers goods or items in which the User has the legal rights of sale and can be able to pledge such an item as a guarantee for a loan.such an item covers goods deemed legal to trade in and are not seen as illegal such as guns, weapons or any contraband of that sort.
  • Cashdown Nigeria would turn over illegal and stolen commodities and the User’s details to the appropriate authorities if verfied as stolen or reported missing.
  • With the pledging of such item, the user assures Cashdown Nigeria that the agreed loan would be paid in full at the agreed date and after that, the website reserves the right to sell such an item to recoup the loan. The website also reserves the right to grant the user a “grace period” whereby the user would be given extra time to repay the loan.such a grace period is not predefined and is based on Cashdown Nigeria’s descretion.
  • If the item transferred to Cashdown Nigeria is deemed illegal or without right of sale, Cashdown Nigeria reserves the right to press charges upon the user or anyone deemed as a conspirator to such transaction.
  • Any item deposited with Cashdown Nigeria is covered by an insurance fee which is based on a percentage of the loan.We guarantee the best security for our customers but those who do not insure their goods with us do so at owners risk.
  • In such an occassion that a user defaults on his loan, we reserve the right to suspend the user’s account with us and also the right to reject any form of re-registration with us.
  • With regards to an items authenticity and condition,any item which has been deemed as fake or have been falsely declared in the process of obtaining the loan would be deemed as an intent to defraud Cashdown Nigeria and is deemed legally actionable by us. Items are depositied in cool, dry places. However if such an item is to have certain special means for preservation, the user is obligated to inform Cashdown Nigeria either phyically or via any electonic means beforehand.Cashdown Nigeria is free of any consequence in any resulting anomalies in such circumstance.
  • The terms stated herein are legally binding and are not limited to the above.
  • For more info, kindly contact support@cashdown.com.ng.