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Benefits of dealing with a pawnshop in Nigeria.

Why you need cashdown nigeria

Benefits of dealing with a pawnshop in Nigeria.

Pawnshop: A phrase/word that sounds illicit and can be confused for an x rated word(p**n shop).


That’s the basic definition of a pawn shop to most Nigerians. It’s relatively bizarre to tell someone you’re going to a pawnshop without that special look that says “what’s this guy saying/going to this early morning?” Well that because our way of life is oblivious to such things that are pretty norm in other countries. Recent strides in our tech space have produced b2b sites whereby people list their items for sale and pretty much wait till they get an offer for an item.

Here’s what the benefits of selling/dealing with pawnshop:

  1. Time and Location:  Lets say the fact:Humans are inherently lazy. If not for the threat of survival, most humans would not lift a finger more than necessary. The same thing applies in online sales: You work a 9-5 and you want to sell your Blackberry Z10 and use the money to add to your Iphone 6 Trust Fund. In such a case, you can’t readily sell to someone else who works 9-5 or lives far off away.If such were to be case it’s either you risk the time and traffic or bust the deal. If it were to be a pawnshop, you’d simply walk in, get the evaluation, Cash straight. All these can be done within 30 minutes.
  2. Fast Cash: If you got a Visa to the US and need to raise a quick buck i guess the bank both major and microfinance can’t be of much help.Unless you take a walk down the Family and Friends lane, there’s pretty not much you can do. With a pawnshop, the cash is now.
  3. Discretion: In this modern day, knowledge goes fast as the speed of light. In a country like ours everyone wHowever it might move too fast for some people as they would like to keep some details quiet especially those facing a little time down financially. With the pawnshop option you can sell quietly without disclosing to the whole world that you have something in common with the late Micheal Jackson.
  4. Security: This should really be on the top of the list. I believe anyone reading this article should know that there have been cases whereby someone has tried to buy or sell an item and got doublecrossed. If you haven’t then i guess you should crawl from under the rock you are currently(Despite the good Wifi) and check it out. Selling or buying used items should not be like a drug deal and that concern can be taken care of when you stroll to a pawnshop and transact comfortably.

With all these above it still doesn’t mean that a pawnshop is the capital of heaven but in the current clime it’s a very healthy option worth looking at.

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  • Toluene
    Posted at 07:24h, 25 January Reply

    Well, I can’t really say much about u guys but it is really nice to know that Nigeria has a set up like this. From the look of it, I think it is pretty safer than many other online markets. Keep up the good work.

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